Cosmetic Dentistry expert’s consultation online

  • IT’S FAST. Sending a letter will take only few minutes. You’ll receive an e-mail response within a few days.
  • IT’S COMFORTABLE. You won’t need to go to the dental clinic.
  • IT’S FOR FREE. The primary consultation online is free.

What you shold do:

Fill in your contact information in the form below
Take 2-3 photo of your teeth (from the front and from the side); make sure we can see the tooth/teeth, that you want to improve/change
Write Your requests, desires and other comments that, in Your opinion, might be important to quality consultation
Press button “Send”


IT’S IMPORTANT. If you live in other city or country and You want all the procedures to be done as expeditiously as possible please also write the time (dates) when you’ll be visiting Kaunas/Lithuania.

If You’ll decide to have a treatment in our clinic, we can also offer an online registration. The most mutually suitable time will be reserved.

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